Oxball Penis Sheath

Your guide to the male chastity experience.

These sleeve allows submissive in training or the submissive with a small cock to preform like a real me\an.

Training Submissive

Training submissive men is no different than training submissive women. You need to keep them in check all the time but unlike submissive women most submissive men need to be denied sexual pleasure at least during early training. If the master or mistress needs to be serviced the trainee should never be allowed to use his actual penis. Many use the OXball penis sheath to prevent pleasure while still being able to provide service.

Training Submissive

Sissies, Femmes, Chastity

Training submissive men, slaves and chastity bitches is an ongoing process. Like training a dog it is best to do it right the first time, know what you are doing and of course used the best chastity devices. There are hundreds of sites that specialize in all aspects of training submissive men with just about anything you might need as far as information, products, advise, videos, photos, groups and events to name a few. This site will feature detailed information, photos and links for male chastity gear, anal training gear, male to female transformation training and general sissy slave guidance.